Do's and Don'ts for a Welcoming Guest Room Design

Do’s and Don’ts for a Welcoming Guest Room Design

Whether you have family staying over for the holidays or often welcome friends over for the night, having a neat and ready guest bedroom is an important part of being a good host.

The best guest rooms are the ones that give off an ambiance of style and functionality. No matter how big or small, so long as your spare room can fit a mattress, you’ll be able to create a welcoming space for your guests to relax and unwind.

You want to make your overnight guests feel welcome and comfortable. That’s why we’re looking at the do’s and don’ts for a welcoming guest room design.

Do: Remember the Basics

The last thing you want is for your guest to feel like they’re bothering you when all they’re desperately looking to ask is where you keep the extra toilet paper! These are little extras to keep in mind when having a guest overnight. When it comes to creating a guest bedroom design, always remember the basics.

1. Function. The bare bones of your guest bedroom design is its functionality. The fundamentals include somewhere to sleep, somewhere to sit, and somewhere to put your clothes. An ottoman at the end of the bed, for instance, is a great solution for extra storage or a space to put suitcases.

2. Extra linens. Keep extra linens and blankets in the closet, or bottom drawer of the guest dresser. Don’t forget to inform your guests where they can find the little extras they might need during their stay.

3. Lighting. A ceiling light is a given for any bedroom, but guests always appreciate having another source of light handy. A lamp on the nightstand not only adds to the style and décor of the room, it is also useful for late night reading or any work your guest may get up to.

4. Toiletries. If your guest bedroom is connected to a guest bath, be sure to have extra toilet paper, a washcloth, spare towels, toothpaste, and tissues handy.

5. Alarm clock. We know, we know, everyone uses their cellphones these days. Still, if you’re going for a hotel-like experience, it never hurts to present guests with a traditional clock.

Don’t: Forget to Decorate

Your décor can make all the difference when it comes to styling your guest room. Use contemporary artwork, tabletop décor and plants as a way to spruce up the space for your visitors.

Guest room design and décor can also distract your visitors from how small the room may appear. Create a gallery wall with different sized frames and themed photos to immerse your guest’s attention.

If your home has a Guest Wi-Fi password, why not display it on some chic wall art? Print out the password, put it in an embellished frame and stick it on the nightstand.

Do: Create a focal piece

Usually, this means the bed or headboard! However, you can always make the focal piece of the room a beautiful and trendy feature wall. A black and white striped wall behind the bed can do away with the need for a headboard and creates drama. Vertical stripes can also make smaller rooms appear larger.

Don’t: Forget a Living Space

If the dimensions of your spare room allow, create a cozy space for your guests to sit and relax. Corner a wingback chair next to the bedside table to make the perfect reading nook, or put a whimsical settee at the foot of the bed so guests can have somewhere else to sit when entering the room.

Creating a welcome guest room design doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. If you have space to fit a bed, you have space to wow your guests! Follow our tips of do’s and don’ts for a welcome guest room design your overnighters are going to love.

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