Checkerboard Pattern Tile

Your Guide to Checkerboard Marble Flooring

Marble floors are rich and elegant; cool and durable. If you are looking for a creative style that draws the eye and gives your space a grandiose feel, look no further than checkerboard marble flooring.

Aptly named after the board game, checkerboard marble flooring refers to a floor style in which two different colored tiles are used in contrast to one another.

This unique harlequin diamond pattern has long been used and is often seen as a sign of opulence and sophistication.
Whether you’re looking to redo the floors in your grand restaurant or hotel, or you want to make your hall or kitchen feel more elegant in your personal home, this is your guide to checkerboard marble flooring.

Caring for Checkerboard Marble Flooring

Marble is a porous natural stone, meaning it can absorb moisture that may cause etching, stains, and damage. Many people choose to seal their marble floors to keep them looking pristine and protect them from stains and damage.
It is also important to clean up any spills and stains immediately, especially if they are acidic in nature. Even on sealed marble, acidic liquids such as vinegar can still cause damage. Spot treat stubborn stains and clean your floors regularly to prevent dirt and grit from building up on your checkerboard marble flooring.

Black and White Marble Floors

Checkerboard b&w


Classic checkerboard marble flooring features black and white tiles, such as our Negro Marquina slab and Vanilla White tiles. Black and white is a classic combination that has been seen in history as early as in 15th-century paintings. This high-contrast flooring has also been seen in Roman paved floors and ancient Iranian artifacts.


Checkerboard marble flooring is seen as so luxurious and opulent that it was used in the Queens Staircase in the French palace of Versailles (seen in above left). This created an unmistakable, unmatched look of royalty and splendor.

Creative Checkerboard Marble Flooring

From the ancient Romans to today, there’s no question that checkerboard marble flooring has retained its and sense of luxury. This contrasting design gives visual interest and looks sleek and refined. Having a checkerboard floor doesn’t mean you have to stick to traditional black and white marble tiles. Instead, go for something warmer in tone, like this mockup of our gorgeous Palomino and Shells Reef tiles:

checkerboard creative

When it comes to creating a contrasting tiled floor, your color and pattern options are endless. You can be as elegant, understated, bold or colorful as you like. Take a look at our extensive Marble catalog and become inspired to make your own checkerboard floor.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to checkerboard marble flooring. This classic and refined flooring style is sure to bring class and drama to your space. Remember to take your time in the selection process and be kind to your floors, protecting them from damage and cleaning them regularly.

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