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Home Design Resolutions for 2015

The New Year has just begun and it is time for a fresh start. Begin with home design resolutions for your home. There are a variety of things you can do to spice up your décor in 2015. You can do small things that will make a big difference and make you feel like you are living in luxury.

Organize and De-Clutter

Begin by going through your closets and your entire home gathering things that you and your family do not use or want anymore. While you may feel attachment to some items, storing them in your garage, attic or basement will only cause more clutter, look into donating the items instead. Once you have the items out of sight organize your closets so that everything has its own space. In the end the closet and each room should look organized and pleasing to the eye.

Repair Old Furniture or Items

Do you have a favorite chair that looks like it’s falling apart? You don’t have to throw it away. Repair it by getting it reupholstered in a coordinating color to match or complement the other colors in the room. If you have tables that need sanding and repainting you can take on the project yourself or have a professional complete the work. Check your flooring to see if any carpet or tiles need to be replaced.

Create a New Look

Painting your walls a new color is a great way to create a different look from the year before. You can paint an accent wall, paint all the walls in the room the same color or paint the room in hues of the same color. Light paint colors will brighten up the room and create an open feeling while darker toned colors will create warmth in the room.

Flooring is an exceptional way to make changes to your home for 2015. If you have carpet or wood flooring, try tiling your floors for more interest, easier cleaning and colorful options. Adding colorful accents throughout your home that complement other items and colors is a great way to add character and detail.

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