Traditional Kitchen With Marble

Incorporating Marble in a Traditional Space

Many times, when a person thinks of using marble in their home, they envision a very modern décor design. Stark white marble floors with contrasting black and chrome features, for example, are popular pairings with marble. While it is true that marble can be a great material in modern décor, it should not be excluded from much more traditional styled spaces. Here are some tips for incorporating marble into a traditional space.

The Floor

If you are looking for ways to bring elegance into your traditional home, then selecting a marble floor is one option. While some hues of marble, like the neutral Thassos, will likely be too modern in feel, there are many color choices that are much more warming and that work well with a very traditional space. Our classic favorites are Bianco Avorio, Calacatta Vagli, and Crema Marfil.

The Fireplace

A fireplace is used in many living spaces that want to emphasize a traditional feel. One way to enhance this feature as a focal point, and make it stand out from the rest of the room, is by incorporating a bright marble tile. Because many traditional homes have a lot of warm, rich colors on the walls and floors, try subdued shades of white, that contrast well, and that catch the eye easily. Examples include Bianco Lasa Oro and Granada Antique.

The Kitchen

Marble has long been used in the kitchen as a countertop choice because of its stunning beauty, and even a very traditional kitchen can compliment this luxurious natural stone. The secret is to choose your marble based on the cabinetry of your kitchen. Rich dark woods, such as walnut or cherry, look best with lighter marble countertops in colors like Bamboo or Seashell. On the other hand, lighter woods and white or cream cabinets often compliment best with darker selections such as Silver Wave or Marron Imperial.

The Bathroom

Another popular trend for marble is using it in the bathroom, especially the shower. Whether you have light or dark cabinetry, a medium colored marble in hues of brown, such as Giallo Mares, works well. If you are looking for a little more distinct color, try Night Grey with medium to dark woods or Rainforest Brown with lighter vanity woods.

Accent Pieces

One final area to consider, when incorporating marble into your traditional décor, is how it can be used as an accent piece. From marble top tables for your entryway or living spaces to elegantly carved marble book ends, statues, and bowls for your shelves, accent pieces made from marble can really add dimension and interest to your space.

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