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Flooring Trends for Fall

As the weather turns cooler and the lawn work comes to an end for the year, many people turn their attentions to the inside of their homes. Whether you are planning to completely remodel a space, make some simple updates, or tackle an overdue home improvement project, flooring is a great place to begin! From simple lines and classic styles to earthy tones and wildly colorful hues, here are the top flooring trends for the fall season!


From dark red hues, like the fine wines of Spain, to creamy tans and beiges, reminiscent of ancient Greek architectural columns, Mediterranean styled flooring is one of the top flooring trends for fall. The deep, earthy colors blend well with a variety of décor styles, and give a dramatic feel to any room. To achieve this look in your home, consider ceramic tiles in colors like Terracotta, travertine flooring in Giallo, granite in Juparana Florence or marble in Bianco Avorio.


Another hot trend in flooring for fall is creating a very modern feel in your home using clean lines and solid colors. From slates and charcoals to pristine whites, modern flooring has the ability to coordinate well with masculine décor, abstract pieces, and even a room that brims with elegance. Ideas to get this look include marble in Mink, granite in Everest, and quartz in Satinet.


Creating new materials that resemble an older style of living is not a new concept, but it has continued to be a hot trend in flooring. For an antique look, colors should be sporadic, and mixed, but not in any exact pattern. Edges that appear rough, or worn, also add to the effect, as do surfaces that are slightly uneven or ridged. Color patterns that work well with this style include, travertine in Coliseum Stone Rustic, limestone in Venetian Gray, and granite in Cielo de Oro.


Hardwood flooring has continued to grow in popularity, and makes our list for fall flooring trends. While natural wood surfaces, made with materials like pine or oak, provide their own characteristic charm and work great in this category, there are many alternatives that are just as beautiful and that require less maintenance and care. These include marble in Bamboo or White Wood.


From shimmery and shiny to gold and glitzy, flooring that is glamorous adds sparkle to any room and is one of the hottest trends for fall flooring. Pair it with silky satins and dark woods for an elegant look, or jazz it up with bright colors and trendy furniture for a more creative style. Our favorites in this category are travertine in Glamour Silver, quartz in White Shells, and granite in Golden Flakes.

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