Key Elements for a Spa

Key Elements for a Spa-Inspired Bathroom

Today’s busy schedules and stress filled day’s drive homeowners to seek tranquility and make their home a safe relaxing sanctuary. The bathroom is the one room in the house where you are expected to be alone and shut the door. Spa-inspired bathrooms are the perfect remedy for those who seek to relax and escape from the daily pressures of life. You can turn your drab old bathroom into a spa sanctuary by incorporating these key elements into your bathroom decor.

Natural Stone Tile

One of the easiest ways to create a spa-like atmosphere is with natural stone. Marble tile is an excellent option to consider. Neutral tones such as giallo mares, moda white, shells reef, silver dune, vanilla white and white wood will make your spa-inspired bathroom look splendid. You can choose to place the tile throughout your entire bathroom, such as on the walls, floors and counter tops or, you can choose to do a feature accent wall.

Welcome the Outdoors

Surrounding yourself with natural elements, such as plants, colorful orchids, natural stone rocks and greenery promotes a serene environment. You can bring your favorite plants and small trees into your bathroom by planting them in unique pots and placing them strategically throughout your bathroom. Rattan and bamboo furniture pieces for sitting areas or storage will also bring a natural outdoor element to the area.

Establish a Focal Point

Since spa-inspired bathrooms are often neutral in color, you will want to create a focal point. Choose an exquisite art piece, mirror or framed photographs that encourage relaxation and peace of mind. Excellent choices for artwork are paintings of natural elements such as the rain forest, ocean, trees, waterfalls, and animals.

Fixtures and Lighting

Lighting is key to a spa-inspired bathroom. The steam spa white LED lighting system is an excellent option. Also consider vanity sconces with mosaic design. The rainfall style shower and double handle waterfall bathroom sink faucet are must-haves in a spa inspired bathroom.

Everyone has their own vision of what a spa bathroom looks like. Remember that you want the end result to surround you with peace and tranquility. Keep this in mind when selecting tiles, fixtures, accessories and plants for your bathroom. Start today by choosing the tile for your bathroom and build your vision from that point.

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