White and Purple Modern Living Room

Modernizing Your Living Room

Modernizing your living space can transform a dull living room into a space that you will want to spend time with your family in and that will make your guests will feel warm and welcomed. The word modernizing often sounds expensive, but the truth is, there are easy and cost-efficient ways to turn your living room into a space you will love without breaking the bank. So the real question of modernizing is where do you get started?


A new paint color can change the look and feel of any space. The trick to picking a new color is to find swatches of colors that appeal to you, and then take them home. Look at them outside in natural light. Tape them to a wall opposite of a window to look at them at different times throughout the day and evening. Basically, love the color you choose and own it.


Replacing old and outdated light fixtures can update and rejuvenate any living space. You can also achieve drastic changes to your living room lighting with some DIY lamp makeovers. By adding a new coat of paint and a trendy new shade, you can spruce up any lamp! Another form of lighting to maximize is natural light. Natural light offers warmth on cool days and it’s free. You can change window treatments easily by replacing mini blinds with sheers, or simply just find a new and unique way to tie back your existing curtains to let light in.


Accents can be a really fun part of updating your living room. Modernizing often goes hand in hand with the less is more theory, so you will want to begin by eliminating the clutter. Leave fun and meaningful touches around the room to bring out the new space and add additional accessories for a fresh feel. Baskets and organizing totes can help to hide or reduce used items, but a garage sale or donation drop off may be in order as well. For shelves and bookcases, keep it simple, but note that these can make great places to put picture frames, pieces of art, or anything decorative that adds a splash of color. Accents offset wall color, so if your wall is a neutral color, use brightly color accents. On the other hand, if you have bolder colored walls, consider using whites, grays, or creams, to add light and balance.

Wall Art

When updating a living room, people often forget about changing out their wall art. This can be anything from old family portraits to mirrors. If you can’t part from the existing, try renewing them with a new frame color that offsets the wall hue or matches your new style. Mirrors can be reused as well in the same fashion, and are a great way to bring light into your room at different angles. New, pre-framed prints or posters can be purchased as well, or you could always just browse resale shops for frames that will add that special something to your space. Most importantly when modernizing your living room, always remember to bring out the “You”.

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