Outdoor Natural Stones

Perfect Outdoor Stones for a Patio Remodel

Outdoor spaces are much more than they use to be in the past. Today it is an extension of the home and often referred to as an outdoor living space. If your patio needs remodeling one of the best places to begin is the flooring. The aesthetic look of the flooring can change, improve and create an amazing foundation to create the patio of your dreams.


Travertine is one of the most popular choices in patio flooring. The striking stone floor is durable and the natural color tones often create a clean welcoming look that can withstand harsh elements for years to come. Travertine stone types like Coliseum Stone Rustic have a sawn and honed finish, giving it a natural appearance.


Limestone is a perfect choice for the patio. The neutral color palate provides a strong clean foundation and coordinates with any color choice or patio furniture style. This durable option will surely create an open feeling to your patio as well as give you decorating options. It looks great with a fire pit, grill and a variety of landscaping in the surrounding area. Take a closer look at a variety of limestone options here.


This unique style stone is an extraordinary choice for patios. The natural color and design adds interest and captivates your attention as soon as you see it. Shellstone is great for pool areas, water features and goes well with landscaping. Rod Iron patio furniture accents this stone perfectly. In addition, shellstone also compliments a wide range of patio furniture styles. The texture of the stone is safe for pool areas and provides a stable, durable surface when feet are wet.

Choose any of these outdoor stone options for your patio remodel and create an entirely new environment. Don’t forget to choose durable patio furniture and interesting accents that will make the outdoor living space feel like an extension of your home. Fire pits, barbeque pits, unique and colorful flower pots are great ideas to make your patio extra special. Don’t forget to create landscaping around your patio by choosing a variety of plants, trees and flowers.

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