Remodeling Tips for a Relaxing Bedroom Space

Redesign Tips for a Relaxing Bedroom Space

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary where you go to rejuvenate. When you retreat to your bedroom, your space should create an ambiance that allows you to relax, decompress, and refresh your body with a relaxing night’s sleep. If you find your bedroom doesn’t fit these requirements, it may be time for a redesign.

You will spend countless hours in your bedroom, so why not make it a place you love to be?

Whether your room is somewhere you socialize or strictly somewhere that you lay your head at night, it should reflect a calm and cozy place to unwind. That’s why we’re showing you 5 redesign tips for a relaxing bedroom space that you can show off and enjoy.

Choosing Your Color

When designing your bedroom with the intent of creating a more relaxing space it’s important to choose a paint color that promotes a serene feeling. Stick to soothing beige, neutral greens, and blues, charcoal or dark gray and lavender paint colors to promote sleep and relaxation.

Keep It Clean

Studies suggest that clutter can affect your productivity and increase irritability. Since your bedroom should be a relaxing space, do your mind a favor by keeping your room swept and dusted, and removing any unnecessary furniture or clutter.

Technology-Free Zone

Technology is a great way to communicate with others, do our work while mobile, or to shop or play on while we lounge about. But if you find that e-mails, television or the constant buzzing of your cell-phone eventually leads to stress then you’d do best to keep your new bedroom free of tech.

Make your bedroom a technology-free zone by removing any computers, televisions or game systems from this space. Your room should be where you go to relax and to sleep, not to be stimulated before bedtime.

Choosing Your Bed

Experts estimate that the average person will spend 229,961 hours sleeping. That’s a lot of time to spend in an uncomfortable bed. Having a quality mattress and bed frame is well worth the splurge. Select a comfortable and supportive mattress and a bed frame that makes you excited to crawl into it every night

Cozy and Comfy Styling

Create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere by embracing the ‘cozy’ bedroom trend. Pile the head of your bed with oversized faux fur pillows and use a fluffy, comfy throw at the foot of your bed. A mix of textures, such as down-filled blankets and pillows, will help create a comfortable atmosphere that encourages cuddling into warm blankets.

Make your bedroom your personal stress-free sanctuary with these redesign tips for a relaxing bedroom space. Have some decor ideas of your own? Share with us @marmolexportusa.

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