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Colorful Countertops: The Brilliant Accent Piece

From elegant kitchens and tranquil bathrooms to swanky game rooms and stylish outdoor entertaining areas, colorful countertops have become a trend that everyone wants to incorporate in their homes. Whether your taste is vibrant, with colors like bright green, rich red, or deep orange, or more subdued shades of golds, grays, and blues, colorful countertops can become the brilliant accent piece that your space needs! Here are some practical tips for choosing the perfect color for your home’s unique style!

Deep Earth Tones

If your home has a southwest styling or old World / Tuscan feel, then embracing earth tones for your countertop color is the way to go. Shades of rich and rusty reds, as are found in Juparana Florence or Rojo Alacante, subdued greens like Amazon and Rainforest Green, or even brilliant browns really make a statement. These colors work well with a variety of rustic or antique woods, including oak, pine, and cedar as well as metals such as bronze and wrought iron.


Light Blues & Grays

Shades of light blue and gray bring the feel of relaxation and calmness to a space and are especially popular in modern “zen” homes, spaces with a spa like atmosphere, as well as those with a coastal feel. For Cape Cod styled homes that are more traditional, we like Netuno Bordeaux and Caribbean Blue. For a more modern home, Iceberg Blue or White Fusion are our top picks. These colors pair well with lighter or weathered finishes of wood like teak, bamboo, or even white maple and metals such as brushed nickel or antique white.

Majestic Sparkles

If a touch of glamorous sparkle is what you desire, then look no further than Earth Glitter, Blue Bahia, and Silver Wave for your countertops. These color choices work best with very modern homes that are chic and opulent in design, with black tie charm. Typically, wood pairings for this genre include rich and dark woods such as cherry or mahogany and chrome or brass metals.

Geometric Brights

Finally, if your home or space has retro or indie flair, consider using brightly colored countertops with geometric patterns or funky vein arrangements. Green and circular patterns, like the ones in Jurassic Green or Tortuga Green are some of the most popular designs in this category, as well as fun shades like Emerald Quartzite or Van Gogh. Pair with painted finishes in a variety of fashionable colors and textures and nearly any kind of vintage metal.

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