Basic Stone Countertop Care

Stone countertops, particularly in timeless marble, look extremely aesthetic and serene. With its royal grandeur and magnificent appeal, marble countertops can make even a small kitchen look elegant and grand.

However, proper care and maintenance from your side is an absolute must to retain their shine and luster. Spills and stains are a common thing in the kitchen, but being a little proactive and putting in some attention in the care of the countertops will make them last for years.

Go through the following tips and guidelines for maintaining your countertops and keep them looking as good as new for years to come.

Wipe Clean Dust and Residue

Wipe clean any dirt, dust or residue left over on the countertops to enhance the life of the countertops. Use a soft cloth or towel to brush the surfaces, and do not let water or dust stay on it for long. Also, on darker-colored marble counters, lingering finger marks and stains make the surface look unattractive. They should be promptly cleaned on a regular basis to give an aesthetic and alluring feel to your entire kitchen!

Cleaning Liquids Matter

Pay specific attention to the cleaning agent that you use to clean your countertops. Marble is adversely affected by acid-based or citrus cleaners and household materials like vinegar. Instead, use warm water with a dishwashing liquid or a PH neutral surface cleaner for clean, sparkling and long lasting countertops without any worries of damage.

Seal to Deal with Any Problem

Sealing stone countertops every now and then will enhance their attractive shine and provide protection against stains and spills. Sealers on marble countertops repel against water absorption and stain damage, and thus should be used after every year or so. You can either seal the countertops yourself, or opt for the assistance of professionals for a more detailed and experienced touch.

Do not Clutter the Countertop

Leaving wet crockery like plates, glasses, etc. on the countertops can affect the marble over the years, as the water may seep down the surface and create ring-like structures in its texture. Therefore, wipe any utensils or cutlery before placing them on the stone counter to avoid any problems down the road. Also, promptly wipe the surface with a clean and soft cloth in case of a water spill.

Invest in Professional Help

If you are still unsure on cleaning and maintaining marble surfaces in your kitchen, you can always seek the assistance of professional cleaners to bring back the shine and luster in your countertops. Professional cleaning companies have specific equipment and products that can transform even grubby countertops to shiny and smooth surfaces in no time!

At the end of the day, marble is a timeless and beautiful material, and small scratches can actually add to its texture and finish. Tough yet beautiful, marble or stone countertops can last for a long time if you just spend a small amount of time on their care and maintenance.

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