Cleaning Marble Countertops, Maintenance Tips for Marble

Cleaning & Maintenance Tips for Marble Countertops

Marble is one of the most beautiful stones in the world, and all home design enthusiasts know that the elegant shine and textures found within our marble countertops is exactly what give both large, expansive kitchens and those small breakfast nooks that extra “wow” factor that home-owners love. There is nothing more elegant and luxe that running your hand along a well-textured marble, like a classic Calacatta or a bold Mink.

That being said, any homeowner who has done maintenance for marble countertops knows that it can be a bit particular if you’re unfamiliar with the proper cleaning process. Marble countertops are definitely an investment piece in the home, which makes proper upkeep and care essential if you want your counters to last a lifetime. We’re looking at 3 essential cleaning and maintenance tips for marble countertops.

Get to know your marble

Newcomers to marble counters and tiles usually fall under the impression that marble is a hard substance to clean, when just the opposite is true. Why do they draw this conclusion? Because unlike granite, marble is a softer material that can be susceptible to nicks and stains. Instead of fretting over cleaning materials and techniques, just get to know your marble better. Once you do you’ll see that cleaning and maintenance for marble countertops couldn’t be simpler.

Cleaning marble countertops

For light stains
Wet a soft cloth in warm water and wipe away any unwanted stains or spills. Always try and clean up water stains and spills as soon as possible to avoid any liquids being absorbed into your marble countertops. Never use a bristled sponge to clean marble surfaces.

For heavy duty stains
For bigger stains you wouldn’t want your in-laws to see, go out and purchase a non-abrasive natural cleaner. Never use vinegar or acidic products. Using a soft cloth in a circular motion, rub out any stains you find on the surface.

Whether you are cleaning a light or heavy stain, always use a soft, dry chamois after to wipe away any remaining streaks or water from the cleaning cloth. It is always better to wipe your counters clean than to let them air dry. This will give a more polished finish and help you avoid liquid absorption.

How to maintain marble countertops

Looking to maintain that newly cleaned look on your marble? Here are some quick tips for marble maintenance:

Polish, polish, polish. Want your marble to shine bright under your kitchen light? Avoid waxing and buy an all-natural marble polish instead. Using a soft chamois, polish your counters to perfection. Wait at least one hour before rinsing and drying your counters.
Sand out imperfections. Do you keep staring at a scratch or an imperfection in your counter? If the scratch isn’t too far gone, try using course-grit sandpaper and gently buffing out the scratch. For heavy-duty damage, call the professionals.
Use coasters. Coasters are always a smart choice – just ask your mom! Protect your counters from water rings by using coasters under your beverages and quark pads underneath hot items.

Things that can harm your counters

One essential step in keeping your countertops looking clean and enviable is getting to know what can harm your counters. Keep up with marble countertop maintenance by avoiding the following:

Hot items – Hot mugs and pots fresh off the stove should never be left on marble countertops for too long. The same can be said for curling or flat irons. These can scratch and discolor your marble.
Citric acids – While vinegar is often hailed for being a natural cleaner, avoid using this on marble countertops along with any other cleaners high in citric acid (think: lemon cleaners). These types of cleaners can etch the look of your marble.
Wax – Some homeowners like to wax their countertops for a clean and polished look. Forgo this option for marble, as the wax can actually discolor your beautiful tiles.
Items that can scratch your counter – Since marble is porous it can be susceptible to scratches, which leave an unpleasant appearance. Avoid leaving hair-pins or nails around, and always remember to use a cutting board over your kitchen countertops.

Cleaning your marble countertops should never be a headache. Turn this chore into a cinch by learning the correct way to clean and maintain your marble countertops to keep them looking shiny and new.

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