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Accentuating Marble Floors

Selecting the perfect flooring for your home or commercial building is an important decision, and nothing adds luxury, beauty, and elegance quite like marble. Once in place, though, marble floors can either become even more brilliant or have their radiance fade depending on how they are maintained, displayed and accessorized. Whether you have light and bright or rich and dark marble floors, here are three great ways to accentuate your marble floors.



Have you ever looked at something in a store, under florescent lighting, only to find that the color or appearance of it is completely different in natural sunlight? This is because lighting has a lot to do with how shades and features show up. For marble flooring, lighting choices are especially important. Because marble is a natural stone, there are often various hues and veins of tint that completely change when exposed to certain lights. To accentuate your marble floors, test different amounts and types of lighting to see which combinations compliment your flooring the very best.


Marble flooring is beautiful, but many people like the soft textures and warmth that an area rug gives to a room. When selecting a rug for your marble floors, take time to choose one that adds to the marble, instead of hiding it or belittling it. First, rugs should be correctly sized and shaped for the area and not overwhelm a room. Many people choose rugs that fit nicely under a coffee table or sofa area for living rooms or runner type rugs for bedrooms and entryways. Next, consider the pattern of the rug and how it will mesh with your marble flooring. Rugs with strong patterns typically work best on marble flooring that is solid colored or very simple in design. On the other hand, marble that contains a lot of color variations, veins, or striping typically will look nicer with solid colored rugs. Finally, take color samples of your marble with you when shopping for a rug. This will make it easier to find a rug with shades that highlight and accentuate your marble floors.


No matter how breathtaking your marble flooring is, having a layer of grime, dirt, or dust on top can quickly diminish their splendor. To keep your marble floors looking their very best, be sure to clean them regularly, being careful to only use products that are designed to enhance the beauty and preserve the natural finish. Never use harsh chemicals or those that are abrasive as they may scratch or damage your marble flooring. For easy and effective daily cleaning, consider a quick sweep with a microfiber cloth or mop to remove any particles or dust.

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