Bold Countertop Picks for Your Kitchen Space

Bold Countertop Picks for Your Kitchen Space

If you’re tired of looking at a dated kitchen, you may not need to do a whole overhaul. Instead, focus on those countertops!

That’s right, the only thing standing between you and your dream kitchen might just be your work surface. If you feel like your counters are aged and are tired of staring at vintage laminate every morning, we dare you to try something new and bold.

We want you to start loving your kitchen again! Here are some bold countertop choices for your kitchen space to get you started.

Dramatic Veining

Bold and dramatically veined countertops can make an ordinary kitchen seem extraordinary. Don’t believe us? Try adding a Madura Gold granite slab to your average kitchen and see how luxurious you feel. This gorgeous, natural stone has intense gold and brown veining, is durable against heat and creates an unmistakable beauty.

Backlit Slabs

Backlit stones, like Jade onyx and Ice Quartz are translucent, come in a wide variety of beautiful hues and, as the name suggests, are available with translucent panels that light up the surface. These bright and bold countertop materials are sure to make a statement in any kitchen or bar countertop. Jade onyx features eye-catching jade green lines through the smooth and sleek onyx stone, while Ice Quartz has a breathtaking pattern that is both durable and low-maintenance.

Colorful Countertops

Adding a splash of color to your countertops is a great way to make it an accent piece in your kitchen. Opt for a gorgeous green color, like Amazon granite slabs, or White Fusion Quartzite that features swirls of ivory, blues, and reds. Both granite and quartzite make for excellent kitchen countertop materials due to their durability, resistance to damage, and easy maintenance.

Unique Patterns

Looking for a bold countertop that is uniquely you? Go above and beyond the norm by selecting a patterned stone with a twist. Matrix Granite, for example, is a gray stone with an understated design, making it a perfect addition to a kitchen that needs a subtle pop. Another great stone for making a splash with your countertops is Marmol’s Black Marinace, which has a pebble-like pattern in a blend of gold, black, and gray, giving your kitchen an unforgettably dramatic flair.

There are plenty of natural stone options for a fabulous new kitchen counter that’ll make your space feel refreshed. To get some more insight on which countertop material is perfect for spicing up your space, get in touch with one of our Design Specialists.

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