Home Decor Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Upcoming holidays mean new opportunities to decorate your home, and Valentine’s Day is no exception.

If you’re planning a Valentine’s party or simply hosting a dinner for you and your sweetheart, valentine’s decorations are a must. When it comes to colors and themes, you can’t go wrong with pinks, reds, hearts, and candy. From DIY projects to stylish finds, Valentine’s Day decorating has a wide variety of options to choose from.

Take advantage of these home decor ideas for Valentine’s Day and get your house ready for romance.


Style a Vignette

A vignette is the perfect romantic home decor idea. A vignette is a display usually found on a console table or above a fireplace. It consists of a centerpiece, middle fillers, and two end pieces. A great Valentine’s Day vignette idea includes a stylish, oversized mirror as the centerpiece, vintage books and pillar candles piled on top of one another as the middle fillers and two large vases as the end caps. Fill the vases with roses to complete your romantic vignette.

Personalized Romantic Home Decor Ideas

What’s more romantic than a display that shows off one of your loved ones? Display art on a chalkboard wall or mirror depicting your anniversary date or a romantic quote. Frame romantic song lyrics for your vignette. You can also choose photos of your sweetheart and loved ones and tape them into the shape of a heart for display.

Sweet Treats

What’s a better celebration of a romantic holiday than chocolates and sweets? Have your home reflect these delicious decorations by placing glass candy dishes around the house. This gives your space a deliciously welcoming atmosphere. Valentine’s candy choices include cinnamon hearts, pink gumballs, and candy conversation hearts. If your inner baker wants to display something from the heart try using homemade cupcakes with pink frosting, pink macaroons, heart-shaped thumbprint cookies, or chocolate covered strawberries.

Banners and Wreaths

Using banners and garlands around the house are beautiful and easy ways to breathe romance into your space. This is a great find at local craft stores or a fun craft to do with your children for a family oriented Valentine’s Day. Hang heart-shaped garlands across your window valance, above your bed, or draped along your fireplace.

Wreaths are also a great hanging tool to bring in some sweet romance into your home. Find one with a gradient of reds and pinks that perfectly reflects the holiday. Use this anywhere in the home, from your front door to above the sofa for an extra burst of love.

Home decor ideas for Valentine’s Day don’t have to be complicated. No matter if you’re single or attached or what age you are, your Valentine’s decor should be romantic, fun, and flirty. Bring a little romance into your space with these home decor ideas for Valentine’s Day. Have some decor ideas of your own? Share with us @marmolexportusa.

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