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Home Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

Remodeling a home can be a wonderful experience yielding great rewards. However, it is important to understand and consider some of the most common mistakes that people make when remodeling a home so that you can avoid them. Here is our list!

1. Setting an unrealistic budget

Budgets are vital, but if you don’t have one that is realistic and accurate, you have missed the point. Take time to price each detail, estimate every labor hour, and build into the budget incidental costs that you didn’t account for.

2. Changing the plan too much

Remodeling a home is an expensive undertaking, and many mid-stream changes can really cause costs to rise quickly. Be sure to consider each change carefully before you make them.

3. Not getting required permit

While some projects do not require permits and building code inspections, you should always check before you begin. Skipping the permits can cause setbacks with your remodel, be costly to your wallet, and even create problems if and when you try to resale your home.

4. Neglecting to remodel hidden defects

While it is true that cosmetic remodels and upgrades, such as countertops, will likely bring the most notice, it is not a good idea to overlook the hidden problems of your home. Items like outdated electrical wiring or plumbing should be remodeled as needed too.

5. Setting too short of a time frame

Many projects go perfectly to schedule, but if there are issues, you need to have time to address them. Avoid beginning a project if you cannot be flexible on the finishing timeframe.

6. Upgrading too much for your home

When remodeling, be sure to consider the rest of your home. A kitchen that has been completely upgraded with every modern option available will look very out of place in a home where every other room is very traditional or dated. Plan to update so that your new space works, even with existing spaces.

7. Not communicating with the professionals

Whether it is a general contractor or just a labor crew that has been hired, it is important to communicate problems, concerns, questions, or requests openly. Often, some of the biggest frustrations that homeowners experience with contract professionals can be completely avoided by just taking the time to talk things through.

8. Not considering resale impact

Everyone has their own tastes, but many people make their remodels very personal, neglecting resale considerations. Always take time to think about how your remodel choices will be received by others and how versatile they will be with different styles.

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