Orange Spare Room

Ideas for Transforming Spare Rooms

Having a spare room in your home may sound like a wonderful luxury, but many times, it can simply become a messy catch-all. So, whether you are an empty nester with an available spare space after your children have moved out, or someone who simply has an additional room that you would like to repurpose, here are some fabulous ideas for transitioning spare rooms!

Library or Study

If you find yourself with more books than you have room for, scattered all throughout your home, creating a library area out of your spare room can be a perfect solution. Most typical home study areas or home library rooms can be created by simply adding shelving of your choice to the walls, reserving one corner or area for a sofa, reading chair, or lounge spot. Finishing touches that look great as a focal point in a library room include a floor lamp, greenery or a colorful rug.


Theater Room

For the movie enthusiast, having a place within the home to gather with friends and family for a cinematic experience is ideal. This can be accomplished by transforming your spare room into a home theater space. Add theater seats, a sectional couch, or any comfortable seating as one element, and a television, DVD player, and surround sound as the other. To achieve that authentic “theater” feel, cover any windows with darkening curtains to eliminate unwanted light.

Hobby Room

Whether your passion lies in creating artsy crafts, refinishing priceless antiques, or nearly anything in between, a hobby room can make a great choice for your spare space. Hobby rooms will vary greatly, depending on their use, but many will include shelving of some kind for storage as well as a workbench, desk, or table.

Wine Cellar

While some people enjoy the occasional bottle of wine at gatherings, others have an enthusiasm for wine that leads them to ascertain quite a collection. Transforming your spare room into a wine cellar not only gives you a place to store your wine, but also allows you to display your bottles in a decorative way. Adding a mini bar area in the center or in one corner, complete with wine glasses and a bottle opener, transforms the room even further, allowing you to awe your guests with a wine tasting, right in the comfort of your home.

Others ideas that you may want to consider for transforming your spare room include a home gym, a children’s playroom, a poker or game room, or even a mega closet and dressing area. Whatever your choice, don’t let your space go to waste by leaving it unused. Transform, utilize, and enjoy!

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