Marble Colors to Match with Wood

When it comes to designing around new, crisp, modern homes it feels like marble goes with everything. Various marble colors and designs seem to blend seamlessly with white cupboards and make for the perfect kitchen countertop.

There are so many great uses for marble that make it the focal piece of the room, but you may be wondering how to mix your marble with other textures and materials.

We’re looking at the best marble colors to match with wood, from dark walnut to light pine, cherry wood, dark chocolate, and everything in between.

Marble Colors to Match Dark Wood

One bold marble that goes with wood that is darker in color, such as walnut or espresso stain is the Marron Imperial. This is a fantastic marble slab that is earthy and fresh. This marble stone features deep, rich shades of browns and ivory that will pair perfectly with your espresso colored wood. Another great marble to match with wood of this color that is a lighter complement is our Vanilla White slab.

Marble Colors to Match Light Wood

If your wood is a lighter color such as a latte or a sandy pine, you’d do well with a beautiful slab like Palomino (seen in the photo on the left). This is a great base that highlights the color of the pine wood, while still standing out as an eye-catching piece of art.

Another great option for lighter woods is going with a white marble. Pine and timeless marbles like Statuario Venato or Calacatta seem to be made for one another. The classic white bases with deep gray veining creates a perfect blend of modern and classic styles.


Decorating with white wood is an absolute dream. This blank palette allows you to create any look you desire. Go for a classic all-white look by using our White Diamond marble slab or make a statement with something like Silver Wind or our bold and black Negro Marquina marble.

Finding marble colors to match with wood is easy if you know what you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for a marble slab that matches your wood or something to make a bold statement, Marmol has what you’re looking for. Come see our selection of marble here.

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