Outdoor Holiday Decor

Outdoor Holiday Décor Ideas

Front Door

If you choose to only decorate one outdoor area of your home, the front door should be it. To begin, choose an eye catching focal point piece for the center of your door. This may be a holiday wreath, festive sign, or bright lighting display. Next, balance the front door with accents on each side. For those with a larger step or porch area, matching potted evergreen trees or topiaries work well. For smaller entryways, consider garland that wraps around posts or graces each side of the door. Finally, complete the look with a doormat in your favorite holiday style!


Whether you have a long, narrow and winding driveway or a short, wide one, adding a little holiday décor is a great idea. Lights along each side of the path are classic, and can be accomplished with electric Christmas stake lights, battery operated LED lights inside Christmas bags, or even with lit candles inside ornate jars or hurricane glasses. Trees that may line your driveway can also be decorated with lights, to enhance the overall look. If your driveway ends at garage doors, try adding garland around these as a finishing touch!


To create elegance and holiday magic along a pathway or walkway, consider creating a lighted archway at the entrance. Simply use a traditional garden trellis and decorate with garland, twinkling lights, and strands of bright ribbon in a holiday color. For the walkway itself, small votive candles or led candle lights placed on each side of the pathway guide visitors along with soft luminary beauty.


Another popular place to add outdoor holiday décor is the mailbox. If you have a freestanding mailbox, garland wrapped “candy cane” style around the post looks lovely, and can become the base for a much more elaborate look, depending on what you add. Pine cones, shimmery Christmas ornament balls, flowing ribbons, and red accent berries make great choices. For mailboxes that are attached directly to the house, create a holiday attachment for the front, using evergreen leaves, ribbon, and embellishments.


Many people find that they have an abundance of empty planter pots or windowsill boxes lying around after the summer. To jazz these up with holiday style, wrap with outdoor holiday ribbon or add beautiful bows to the front. For the inside, consider adding an evergreen plant to the existing soil, decorating it for the season, or simply covering the dirt with inexpensive burlap and then creating a holiday display on top. Add berries, eucalyptus leaves, a glass lantern or hurricane, and any other bright and shiny trimmings that you like.

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