Las Palmas Bathroom - Cuban Tile

Spicing Up Your Space with Caribbean-Inspired Design

If you have ever been on vacation in the Caribbean, chances are you never wanted to leave. Since spending the rest of your life on an exotic Caribbean island isn’t possible for most people, creating your own paradise at home is the next best step. You can spice up your living space with Caribbean décor that reminds you of your favorite vacation or possibly your own home town if you are a native.

Paint and Accent Colors

The Caribbean exudes vibrant colors that are welcoming, cheerful and relaxing. Choose colors such as vibrant green, orange, yellow, red and hues of blue for your accents and walls. Coordinating paint color for the walls with the flooring is an excellent way to create an overall Caribbean inspired look. Adding accent colors that pop fill the room with vibrancy and a variety of colors.



While plush white bedding can add a simple statement of luxury in any bedroom, it is especially suited for Caribbean-style rooms. Also filling the room with accents such as woven blinds, grasscloth walls, driftwood floor lamps, textured wallpaper, woven floor cushions, punched-iron pendant lamps, wicker furniture, print fabrics for furniture, curtains and pillows will bring the room to life and make you feel like you are in the Caribbean every day.

Colorful Tiles

The artistry found in Caribbean-inspired tiles can bring an extraordinary flair to your room. Colorfully designed cement tiles are used for flooring, wall designs and counter tops. Cement tiles date back to the late 19th Century and are made of a combination of mineral pigments, marble dust, sand and cement. The perfect mixture of these materials results in durable and smooth tiles, with colorful artistry added to complete the tropical look.

At Marmol, our Cuban tiles are available in a variety of colors and designs that provide you with endless options. If you’re looking for more unique patterns, check out the Artists collection, which includes beautifully hand-painted pieces, like Elsa Ramillete and Cándido Peces. The Textured collection, which includes tiles like Octagonal and 16 Cuadros, provides a simple look but with a three dimensional feel. The Classics collection features more basic yet lively patterns, like those seen in Toscana and Córdoba. Other cement tiles, like Geo 17 and Anillos seen in our Geometrics collection, feature prominent shapes that are sure to please the eye. Last but not least, our Cuban Heritage collection is a special selection of traditional Cuban designs, like the ones found in CH150-1A and CH110-3B.

Pulling your colorful Caribbean-inspired space together involves a variety of elements, including an exceptional tile design for the floor, vibrant paint colors that complement the flooring, plus accents and accessories that exude the Caribbean lifestyle. Want to incorporate this look into your own space? Get in touch with one of our Design Specialists.

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