Beige and White Bathroom - Remodeling

What to Know Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

A bathroom remodel should be taken seriously and decisions should be made slowly and with careful thought. You are not just painting a few walls; you are dealing with plumbing and placement issues, among other design issues. Before you begin remodeling your bathroom there are a few important things you should know that will help you design and create the bathroom of your dreams.

Plan a Design

You most likely have a specific atmosphere you want to create in your bathroom. Most homeowners enjoy making their bathroom into an oasis with a variety of materials. Take notes on your design ideas and the style of bathroom furniture such as the sink, toilet and bath tub that you desire. Having a vision on paper will allow you to understand what will be needed for your remodel.

Take Measurements

You may be excited to purchase all of the luxurious items for your bathroom and rush down to your local home design store. Before you begin your shopping-spree, measure your bathroom and write it down. Take measurements of the areas you plan to place new pieces, such as the area surrounding the toilet, sink and shower. Bring the measurements with you to the home décor store. As you begin choosing your desired items, measure them to assure that they will fit properly into your bathroom.

Know What Bathroom Tiles are Best

The bathroom floor is important as a focal point as well as a durable safe surface. The best tiles to choose for a bathroom floor include those that have honed or tumbled finishes, as they can withstand spills. Similarly, you will want to avoid choosing porous stones that will absorb moisture. Honed or tumble-finished tiles are often available in a variety of colors and can match with any type of décor style.

Follow Proper Procedures

The most important topic to know before remodeling your bathroom is if your county requires you to meet a set of required building codes. You will want to inquire with your local county leaders about building codes, permits and additional requirements that are mandatory for renovating your home. Once you have the permits that are required for your bathroom renovation, begin your journey of creating your private oasis within your home.

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